Top disability services catering to a variety of challenges faced by individuals and the families!

Our disability support services are custom set according to your personal interests and timings flexibility.

“Smoothly Manage Your Disability

With Our Professional Care”

“Smoothly Manage Your Disability

With Our Professional Care”

Reasons to choose Sunstar Care

Our in home disability care is carefully designed to provide you support during the stressful and delicate time. We are one of the best disability companies in Australia specifically serving humanity by assisting people with disabilities to manage their lives and find the best opportunities.

Daily Care Experts

The best disability personal care is provided on a daily basis by experts around the country.

Peace of Mind

Our disability support provides guaranteed peace of mind to the patient and their family.

24/7 Availability

We are just a call away throughout the day and week to provide uninterrupted support.

A Trusted Partner

Sunstar Care is a certified referral partner of disability support services all across Australia.

Balanced Care

Our balanced care routine not only improvises physical health but the mind and soul.


We are registered with NDIS to provide professional disability personal care in Australia.

High Caliber Caregiver

Our team of caretakers has extensive experience and relevant qualifications in the field.

No Long Term Bond

Time period of availing our services depends on you and there is no long-term contract.

They are not disable people, rather people with different abilities. Nevertheless, these individuals are highly sensitive and vulnerable to the surrounds and therefore, demand extra care, attention, and effort. Sunstar Care provides its expert disability support services all across Australia to lessen up the physical burden of the loved ones, and also to make the world brighter of the disabled individuals. With the help of our professional assistance, you can learn to manage your life with less trouble, find better opportunities according to your special needs, and also to have a peaceful mind with least worldly challenges and stress. Like the sun, we will provide you with sunshine!

At SunstarCare, you don’t have to worry about the type of ability or the age of the individual for whom you are finding disability care. Our expert caregivers are trained to cater to different types of needs of the individuals belonging to a diverse age group and having different sorts of challenges. From recently diagnosed, to old age people, we are serving everyone with love and passion. Children having ADHD, Autism, or any other physical challenge are treated with love and 100% focus. On the other hand, old people facing the consequences of old age are also given special care; both in terms of health as well as physical support around the house or everyday life.

To hire our professional caretaker, you don’t have to come/ send your loved one to a designated place because we provide in home disability care for everyone. Our aim is to make life easier for people facing physical and mental health challenges, and there is no place like home. Therefore, you can comfortably avail expert assistance from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are looking for someone to assist you medically daily, or someone to facilitate you in domestic chores regarding your disability, Sunstar Care is here to serve you and make your life easier any time, and all the time. You just have to contact us to get our services for the best in home disability care!

Want to hire a personal caretaker for your loved one, but worried for their professionalism and understanding of such challenges? At Sunstar, we have carefully hired the best caretakers in Australia. Our staff is extensively experienced in the field of disability care and is aware of all the tough and complex situations that could occur when they are on duty. Furthermore, we have made sure to hire the people having relevant qualification in the field of caretaking so that they are medically aware of different health conditions as well. Don’t worry and just let us know your requirements so that we could provide you with the best caretaker in a jiffy!

Health challenges do not wait for the right time, and can show up anywhere, any day, anytime! To make sure that the disabled people in Australia are getting the best care without any interruption, we are available 24/7 just a call away. Whenever you need a caretaker for any purpose, simply reach out to us through the number given on the website or by emailing us. However, we suggest you to use the call option if the need is really urgent, so that our customer support team can instantly process your request to the concerned department. Don’t waste a minute more, just let us help you with your struggles!