What is the NDIS Disability Insurance Scheme?

A new method to finance services and supports for disable people is known as NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme. Through this program, the people who are eligible continue to get individual financing while NDIS supports and finances the disabled individuals to accomplish their goals to pursue the life like they want.

Initially, the NDIS disability provider used to get funding from the government and therefore, the eligible people get very little flexibility and options to choose from. However, ever since the individual funding, everyone eligible for NDIS gets a free option to choose for the services and support they prefer.

All over Australia, NDIS disability service is rolling out in stages. Majority of the regions in the area have started to switch to the new plan. Over the upcoming years, rest of the regions will switch as well. The plan is likely to be completely rolled out all around the country by the year 2019.

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